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Hey everyone (I have no idea who actually reads this)!
So, what's happened since my last entry? A lot! Clearly I finished my sophomore year of college. I interned over the summer at two TV shows called Parents TV and Better TV. It was really a great experience. I feel like I learned a lot and I met a lot of cool people.

During this past summer, someone really special to me passed away. As you can see in my first entry, I listed Michael Jackson as my favorite artists. I loved him so much, so when he died, I felt my whole world crashing around me. I remember exactly where I was when I heard the news too. I was on my way home from work. I was in the subway at the Union Turnpike stop waiting for my last train. Somehow, I got service down there and my mom called me. She said, "Michael Jackson is in a coma." My jaw dropped. I asked her if she was sure it was true, she said, "Yeah, it's on the news right now" After that I got on the train and I lost service. I had been listening to Man in the Mirror on my iPod right before she called me. So I put it on repeat until I got out of the subway and back to my car. I immediately got a surge of text messages telling me sorry for my loss. I had been tearing up the whole way back to my car. I got into my car and turned on the radio. Every radio station was playing Michael Jackson and talking about his passing. I couldn't take it. I called my friend and put her on speaker. She tried to console me while I was bawling my eyes out. I was honestly afraid I was going to crash my car. I haven't been the same since. I may not show it on the outside, but on the inside I feel like a part of me is missing. To this day, whenever I'm at the Union Turnpike subway stop I have this bad feeling in my stomach, it makes me feel terrible. But, life goes on, I guess.

Let's see after that horrible experience, I spent the rest of my summer interning and working at a store called Daffy's I despise that store haha. They give me too many hours!!

What else... well I just finished my first semester of Junior year and now I'm on my second semester.
Let me tell you about my first semester living situation. I live in this brand new building that just opened this year. I lived in a suite with 7 other girls. Two double rooms, and 4 singles. I lived in a single.... THANK GOD.
So the suite came with 2 bathrooms and a common room. My best friend, N, and I shared a bathroom with two of the messiest, most disorganized girls EVER. Let's call them NELLY and MILLY. NELLY never cleaned and was loud and annoying. She threw her dirty tampons and pads in the trash can without wrapping them up and she always left disgusting blue spit in the sink. She always always had friends over and made SO MUCH NOISE in the common room on a school night while everyone was trying to sleep. MILLY was always yelling at her boyfriend and didn't know how to control the volume of her voice. She didn't understand that normal people are asleep at 4 am.

Now let's talk about TEPPY. TEPPY stopped talking to me in September and started talking shit about me to other people in the suite. Naturally, everyone told me what she had been saying. Me, being the bigger person, just chose to ignore her completely and cut her out of my life. TEPPY is a sex-obsessed whore and she always fights with her boyfriend about dumb things and they break up for like a week and she has sex with random people while they're broken up. It's really quite gross. So last week, TEPPY was moaning and crying in her room over her boyfriend. She asked MILLY to take her ambien and scissors because she didn't want to have them near her. THIS GIRL IS A FREAK. So MILLY knocked on TEPPY's door to see if she was okay, and TEPPY wasn't answering. So then an RA came and asked her to step outside. The RA called the police and the police called an ambulance to take her away. On her way to the hospital, TEPPY was texting MILLY saying "whoever called the RA is gonna pay for the ambulance and I'm going to thank them personally." That's essentially a threat. None of us felt comfortable living with her. Basically two of the suite-mates, L and C spoke to the head of housing and got her kicked out of the suite. It was really great. But I really didn't want to deal with all this crap.

To live with all of this was too much. So me and my best friend, N, decided to apply to switch housing and live in apartments. I finally found out last Wednesday that I had been offered an apartment and moved in there IMMEDIATELY.

So, now I'm here in my apartment LOVING LIFE! I'm in the process of applying for study abroad programs and internships. SO MUCH WORK! So, that's my life. Hope you enjoyed reading about it. I don't know when I'll update again. WE SHALL SEE.

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Hey there!
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Um.. I haven't posted in a while because I can never think of what to write. So um I'll say that since I wrote my first entry I finished my freshman year of college and am preparing to enter my sophomore year. I CAN'T WAIT! I have to plan already for next summer. I'm hoping to do an internship at a late night talk show because I want to major in television production. I hate planning things... I wish they would just happen.
ALSO I've been really interested in this guy.. I won't name names because this is the internetzz and I don't want it getting out. BUT yeah idk I've only ever had one boyfriend and I'm bad at speaking to people.. I kinda suck.. whatevs. So thats about it. I'll post next time I'm bored or yeah...

For reading this boring entry.... I'll show you this video that I'm currently obsessed with

First Entry...
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So . . . this is my first entry. What can I say?! My name is Mariel and I'm 18 years old, I go to Boston University but I'm originally from Long Island, New York. My family is from Peru and I go there quite often. My family loves to travel and since my mom works for Continental Cargo we travel crazy amounts lol. I guess I'll start off with telling a little about my life in Boston University.
I haven't decided on a major yet because its too big of a decision for me to make right now. So far however I think I might be a film major. But I don't necessarily want to direct because I don't have a creative eye but I want to do something in the field and live in California or New York City. So far the classes I'm taking in my college in Boston are pretty easy, they're all core classes. I just want to switch into the College of Communications (COM). But anyway about the social life in Boston. Its a really fun place to live, except its REALLY cold. The parties are pretty fun but since I'm a freshman its hard to actually get into the parties but that's okay because I've made great friends and already have a roommate for next year! WOOHOO! Now I guess I'll tell you about my interests and random things about myself.
I really like listening to music and my taste is very varied. I listen to rap, pop, hip hop, musicals, country, and techno. I listen to pretty much anything. I REALLY love Michael Jackson and his music. I love Nikki Blonsky, mostly because she's from Long Island but also because she helps bigger girls feel comfortable with themselves... I just love that. I also like Broadway shows and soundtracks, being from New York I got the chance to see several shows and I loved every single one of them. I'm a huge Spice Girls fan, and am going to see them FEBRUARY 6TH!! (I'm so excited!!) I love to watch movies too! The movies I watch are usually really bad with some good ones thrown in there. I LOVE Johnny Depp and everything he does, so my collection consists of everything Johnny Depp has ever been in. I also have movies such as Grease 2, Hairspray, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Dumb and Dumber, Spice World and a bunch of other movies. Im gona end this now.
I hope to post more entries about my days in college and wherever my life takes me or whatever so ... BYE!!!!!

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